College Council

Hong Kong College of Nursing and Health Care Management

Roles of Council Members

The Council shall consist of no more than fifteen (15) Council Members. Each Council Member shall act in a personal capacity in all the affairs of the College and shall be accountable to all members.

  • (a) a President
  • (b) up to two (2) Vice Presidents
  • (c) a Honorary Secretary
  • (d) a Honorary Treasurer

The President represents the College in all its external affairs.

The Vice President or Vice Presidents (if more than one (1)) shall assist the President in the dispatch of all operations and affairs of the College, and in case of the President being absent for any reason, the Vice President shall deputise for the President.

The Honorary Secretary is responsible for the general conduct of the correspondence and operation of the College.

The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for the financial issues of the College.

The Council Members shall be responsible for assisting the President, the Vice President, the Honorary Secretary, and the Honorary Treasurer in the discharge of their duties.

College Council

The Executive and decision making role of the College rests with the office bearers of the College elected among the council members of the College. The College shall consist of no more than 15 Council Members who are at the same time qualified College fellows. They will serve a term of 2 years from the time of election.