Mission Statement and Objective

The Mission of College

The College will provide the professional platform with the following 4 majors theme in relations to nursing management for nursing managers whom are qualified Nursing Fellows accredited by the College in contributing to the nursing excellence for the betterment of healthcare in Hong Kong

• Policy
• Research
• Education
• Practice

The Objectives of College


  • To promote the advancement of policy, research, education and practice which leads to nursing excellence;
  • To foster the development of continuing education for nurses and midwives;
  • To promote integrity, ethical conduct and standard in the practice of advanced nursing and management;
  • To promote the improvement of health care for Hong Kong citizens;
  • To foster a spirit of collaboration among nursing and healthcare practitioners;
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas in nursing and matters concerning the nursing management;
  • To co-operate and enter into arrangements with local and international nursing management associations, or otherwise